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Katheryne, February 2021 

"I never thought that I would ever take a lash course, but here I am now a certified lash tech. I’m beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity that Mai gave me. I gained so much knowledge in taking her course, she teaches you everything you could possibly know about becoming a lash artist and more. Mai helped and encouraged me even when I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job, she shows you all her techniques and gives you tips to help you improve and doesn’t stop until you feel confident in yourself. Not only does Mai teach you about lashing but she also teaches you how to run your business and to expand your lashing journey. Mailynn is there to guide you every step of the way with the help of her apprentice Vanessa. These two ladies are so kind and genuine but also very talented at what they do. I highly recommend taking this course! Trust me you won’t regret it! I couldn’t have asked to be taught by anyone better than them. Thank you so much for everything Mai and Vanessa 💗"

Jogly, December 2020 

"If you are looking to become your own boss, I highly recommend taking Mailynn’s lash class, I went into it with no prior experience, she gave me the tips and tricks to be the best lash artist. I have gained an immense amount of confidence, and if I have a question she is quick to get back and answer. Her products are so amazing. I highly recommend this class. Thank you Mailynn and your team for the continued support.If I could take her class again I definitely would! 10/10 recommend!"

Nolita, December 2020 

”Learning a new skill is never easy.  I decided to train as a lash artist and I'm glad I chose to train with @lashedup_by_mailynn

She had a wealth of knowledge and the lash industry and is open to sharing them. 

Grateful for the opportunity to train under someone so encouraging and talented! Also her product line is EVERYTHING!"

Instagram: @lashedup_lash_supplies

Vanessa D, November 2020 

"If you’re looking for an answer it’s YES take the course! It’s worth every penny. Mailynn doesn’t sugar coat anything I like that she’s straight up. She gives you all the tools you need to begin your lash journey. I have peace at mind knowing I can always reach out to her whenever I need advice or help. I can tell she really takes pride in what she does & she only puts out great quality. It’s very admiring & makes you wanna succeed as well."

Jessica Marie, November 2020 

"If you’re looking to be lash certified you’re not going to regret taking Mailynn’s course! Mai is so informative and straight to the point and you leave with so much knowledge on how to be the best lash tech and your own boss. Her class is everything I expected and so much more! The course provides a lot of hands on, one on one, an amazing starter kit, and a awesome team to help. Having Mai as your mentor, you will not regret. She never makes you feel like any question is wrong and is always willing to help any time of the day or night. So amazed with what I learned from her and so proud to call her my mentor for life, and proud I took her course!!"

Dennise March 2021 

Mailynn just wanted to let you know i really enjoyed your class all of the knowledge your shared with us was great i wanted to thank you for your patience and how nice and sweet your are always attentive answering all of my questions and always replying back to me even after i have finished my course sorry for bugging lol  I’m happy to have chosen you as my eyelash instructor i pray to God you grow much more and he gives you more success and your class was ️you won’t regret  it if you take this course 

Lili Flores, November 2020

I love the class! It was an all around great experience. The vibe is so friendly and welcoming but still down to business. I learned a lot of useful tips and the mentoring is forever! Mailynn will tell you what you need to hear and not just to try and sell. There’s always room for improvement but never for failure. If you’re looking for a service to make a girl feel beautiful this is one of the best one. I loved having the pleasure to have Mailynn & Janny teach me some of the best and sweetest women!

Sai Kelly Moua, January 2021

So proud of myself that I took your class on January 23rd and 24th, 2021. It haven't even been a month and I've already have my own little studio and have been so busy lashing away. Thanks to you for your guidances and mentor. Your class was really fun and you were really detail about every process. And, you are right about being passionate about lashing. You have to be passionate about it to succeed! Again, thank you! I will always have a mentor for when I need advise or to better myself.

Jackie Delgado, January 2021

I was in Mailynn’s January 2021 lashing course. I am an aspiring esthetician. I’ve always loved to get my lashes done. It was the most relaxing feeling in the world and the results were always amazing! It made me feel like the best version of myself. I came across Mailynn’s Instagram page one day through my old lash artist and fell in love with her work! After many months of following her I decided to take her two day lash course to learn the beautiful craft that is lash extensions. She is definitely someone I look up to and is teaching for all the right reasons! I am honored to have her as my lash mentor. I made the best choice into taking her course and start my lashing journey.

If I could take her class again I definitely would! 10/10 recommend!

Juzmin Keller, February 2021

I had no prior experience catering to lashes and I’m so glad I decided to take Mailynn’s class. It was knowledgeable and I really appreciated how honest and raw the feedback and lessons were. It takes a great deal of patience to teach a class and really enjoy doing it. I took home tips and tricks to become a successful lash artist and I give thanks to Mai and Vanessa for supporting me in that!!

Karina, November 2020

"I came into this lash course with no prior experience on lashing. Not only did I learn the process start to finish, I also learned many tips & tricks that I would’ve never even thought of. It was extremely hands on & I was able to try out different tweezers to find the right fit for me. It was great having both Mai & Janny working by our side, teaching us their own techniques. I left this course feeling educated & inspired! The energy Mai brings to the table is so like no other.

Very real & inspiring!

Thank you for all the love Mai!!”

Andrea, November 2020

"I am beyond happy I decided to take mailynn’s lash class. She is has good energy, very motivating, professional. Her class consist of all the information you need to become a successful lash artist. She creates a fun and comfortable learning environment. After taking her I class I feel confident and motivated to create my own business and becoming a boss ass bitch like Mai.

Thank you mailynn for being such a great mentor."

Lori, November 2020

"I took Mailynn 2 day lash course and 100% recommended to anyone that is interested in becoming their own boss! From the beginning she told us FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!! Mailynn and her assistant Janny were very hands on from the start and took time to teach each one of us. I left her class feeling confident to start my new journey in lashing! I highly recommend her class to anyone and not to mention the beautiful lash kit and high quality products that come with it!

Thank you Mailynn and team!!!"

Dalena, November 2020

”Wow! Trust me you’re going to want to take this class!! Not only is Mai informative & straight to the point but the class is so much fun. I was looking forward to her class since i made my deposit. Her class was everything I expected & then some! She has a great team working alongside her. I love how interactive she is with everyone & the one on one time she provides with every student is amazing. I left her class with so much confidence in myself & my new craft. I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future!”

Elissa, November 2020

”Not only does Mailynn share her amazing technique during this course, she’ll also show you how to kill it in the game & give you the confidence needed to do so. Mailynn will shape you into both the lash artist & business woman you can become. Her course provided plenty of one on one time, a hefty starter kit, lots of hands on practice, & an amazing team (Janny & Vanessa). Anything you need: supplies, advice, mentorship, sisterhood- Mailynn’s got you ‘til the end & she’s someone you’ll want to have in your corner. Very grateful!”

Osha Haynes, November 2020

I've watched Mai's Lash page for awhile and even have the honor of Mai blessing my lashes with her magical hands. I thought about her class for a few months and decided to take the course. What I love the most about Mai is that she doesn't expect perfection she just doesn't want us to give up. She shares all her knowledge with us. She literally lives and breathes lashes and she encourages us to be the best that we can be. After the course was over her teaching doesn't end there. She's allowed me to bring my clients to her class and allowed me to go at my pace, all while shadowing me, encouraging me and not allowing me to give up. If I fail she feels as if she's failed and like she always says, "failure is not an option" she stands on that and I'm grateful for that. Taking this course is not just about becoming a lash artist its about becoming a new you. It's about believing in yourself, it's about meeting some dope lash sisters, its about meeting a teacher Who puts all her time and energy into her students. She truly cares about all of us. She's building her empire and she wants us to build ours too. If you are ready to enter into a new stage of your life... if you've been looking for a sign... this is it! Take this course and embrace the new you and your new journey.

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